Cold Sores

Learning how to get rid of cold sores is what each of us needs from time to time. Many companies convince us in their magic ointments, but the key thing here is to find out much simpler and elementary first-aid remedies. It turns out to be more effective, than all those commercial promises. One should really understand what cold sores are, along with their causes and prevention. Once you find them out, you will be always armed with proven methods which work and, thus, get the best results overnight.

Cold Sores:

All You Need to Know

1. The main reason of cold sore events and those fever blister outbreaks is either type 1 or type 2 Herpes Simplex Virus. But it’s always activated by stress, weakened immunity, cold, excessive sun exposure, and so more triggers.

2. Nearly 90% of the globe population is affected by it. As you can see, this is a common condition. Cold sores live near the original infection area in our nerve fibers for a lifetime.

3. Normally, the virus is latent, causing no problems. On the one hand, 34% of infected individuals never experience 1 cold sore. On the other hand, 66% usually get more than 1 cold sore a year.

4. Cold sores are not only contagious, but rather durable, lasting for 7-14 days.

5. Any attempts to camouflage your cold sore only aggravate the problem.

6. Healing speed varies from person to person. It depends on your physical condition, activity levels and necessary nutrients from the diet.

How to Fight with Cold Sores in No Time:

3 Easy Steps

cold sore

  • When a nasty cold sore is just a few hours away, you can feel the virus ‘moving’ to the surface, that is tingling or itching. Your first task is to treat the affected area as quickly as possible, in order to prevent oral herpes from further developing. Do not delay and apply ice cubes. This way, the virus won’t be able to reproduce. It’s amazing, but sometimes the virus just gives up and hides back.
  • Your body knows best how to heal itself. One of those ways is creating thick fluid for washing away all new oral herpes viruses. You can really speed up the process here, by washing your sore more often. So, use tissues/cotton balls soaked in alcohol or peroxide. Thus, you’ll help to get rid of million of virus particles, as well as prevent secondary bacterial infection.
  • Further healing should drive the blood away from the area. That is why, use warm and moist heat on broken open sores. This will help a lot. Try tea bags for such applying, as tea contains antioxidants and chemicals for repairing damaged skin. They are cheap and comfortable to use. The longer you’re heating, the better. In fact, 10-20-minute sessions will work good.

Follow the above suggestions. Perhaps, that 3-step procedure is enough for you. If not, experiment with more varied ways to heal your cold sore outbreaks.

How to Get Rid of Cold Sores:

4 Golden Rules

cold sore remedies

  • Avoid triggersReduce stress and stay out of sun. Take vitamins and minerals. Care about your immune system.
  • Do not spread infection – It means neither touching nor scratching the infected areas. Never share any eating utensils and personal items with others. Forget about kissing.
  • Buy any L-lysine ointment and apply it 3 times daily.
  • Ice, alcohol and heat, do you remember?

Now you know everything about how to get rid of cold sores, for giving you the relief faster than you ever believed possible! By the way, there is a joke: “What is common between a cold sore and a brother-in-law coming from out-of-town for a week? Actually, you cannot dispose of either of them easily; so you usually have to wait till they go away.” But this is not about your cold sores anymore.

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