In most cases, dandruff is a harmless cosmetic problem, which affects every 3rd person in the world. Be sure, all people have dandruff, because the scalp is constantly renewing and extracting dead cells in the form of well-known dandruff. Generally, the causes of the trouble are so varied; besides, it affects either men or women. Here is a list of the most common reasons of dandruff: genetic factors or hormones, climate or stress, allergy or diet, excessive or wrong hair hygiene, frequent use of hair products or skin fungus. But the most amazing thing about this condition is that ‘how to get rid of dandruff’ meansRead More →


Acne is the skin problem, which appears because of many reasons. Sometimes it is completely our fault. Acne can be in the form of pimples (when pores are clogged), and inflammation of different severity. The main thing is to begin treatment in time. So we tried to create for you an article that would allow answering all the questions about best way to get rid of acne.Read More →

Before reading materials on how to get rid of pimples fast and start curing them you should know more about their nature. The pimples on the face can be divided into two categories. Those that are below the mouth usually are hormonal. Very often acne below the mouth appears in adolescence, when the reproductive system is formed. The second category is acne above the mouth, where it could mean anything. Squeezing acne is generally useless and harmful. But if pimples are above the mouth, then squeezing them can be even life threatening. You can easily end up in intensive care. But we can reassure theRead More →

Sometimes we need to know fast how to get rid of stuffy nose. Feeling badly makes us search for a quick advices about how to recover. What to do when your own baby is ill? For mother’s heart it is the worst thing. To cure a child’s cold mother must be with all recipes of traditional medicine. Here we propose the best traditional methods to cure a small baby.Read More →

  How to get rid of the blackheads on nose? — A question for every other person. Of course, they are not as distinct as acne but you see them and black dots give a lot of problems, discomfort, and therefore self-doubt. Black dots (comedones) — a kind of plug on the skin. They block the pores of sebum. Located on the surface of the skin, so exposure to oxygen can easily oxidize them, getting darker shade. Only a dermatologist can tell the exact cause of the black dots. The most common cause is hormonal imbalance, stress and disease, which leads to increased efficiency ofRead More →