Sometimes we need to know fast how to get rid of stuffy nose. Feeling badly makes us search for a quick advices about how to recover. What to do when your own baby is ill? For mother’s heart it is the worst thing. To cure a child’s cold mother must be with all recipes of traditional medicine. Here we propose the best traditional methods to cure a small baby.

# 1. Saline. Mix a glass of water with a small spoon of salt. Drip the child’s nose each few hours. The procedure may seem to be unpleasant but child will soon get used to it. Invent some funny story that will help you to drip the nose. In the evening lubricate the nasal cavity with oil solution of vitamin A or E. It relieves irritation, moistens the mucous and helps it to resume.


# 2. Warm up the nose of a kid: boil two eggs, wrap them in a handkerchief and put on the nose until they cool down. Also do alkaline inhalation. Fill the kettle with boiling water, put in few teaspoons of baking soda, cover with a towel and allow the child to breathe for ten minutes. Just make sure that the steam is not too hot or it may burn the mucous. There is also inhalation of chamomile decoction mixed with eucalyptus, sage, bay leaf, mint.


# 3. Cover the baby’s head with warm scarf for the night. At the beginning of sickness wash the nose with plenty of salted water or with broth made of chamomile from the pipette. If a child is big, you can carry out such a procedure: wash the sinuses with salt water from the kettle (tea spoon on tea kettle with boiling water). The child should stand over the sink, his head turned sideways so that the water from the spout is poured carefully into the upper nostril. Water must pass on all nasal passages and result from the nostril that «looks» down. Child should breathe with the help of mouth.

stuffy nose

# 4. Stuffy nose can be warmed with the wax. Here’s how: in a water bath heat the wax (not on an open fire or it will explode!). Then roll handkerchief in 3-4 layers, saturate it with paraffin, put it in a cellophane wrap and in a piece of flannel. This «construction» should be applied to the nose. It is advisable to use clean medical paraffin, but if not, you can melt the candle pulling wick out of it. When the wax has cooled, add the hot melted wax and repeat. Do this for 15-20 minutes before sleep. It cures nose well and in the morning the child will feel much better. Do the poultice of curd. Just need a real cheese, not arising out of the pack. Curd is heated, or warmed on a steam bath, laid out in a handkerchief and wrapped — then put on the child’s nose. Cheese fits nose snugly and warms it up.


# 5. When the baby sleeps put cloth moistened with eucalyptus oil (a few drops) in a crib. It is such a kind of inhalation. Snot in this case will not interfere the sleep. Take carrots. The carrot juice should be diluted in proportion1:1. Drip the nose every hour.

Runny nose is often a manifestation of viral disease. First, the body is trying to stop the infection in the nose (not to let it in — in the throat, lungs), and secondly, the mucous membrane of the nasal mucus (in human language running from the mucus of the nose called the «snot»), which in large quantities contains substances that neutralize the virus. The main task of the parents is preventing drying of the mucus.


This requires, again, clean cool air and enough water and tea. If the mucus is dry — the child will breathe through the mouth and then mucus begins to dry up blocking the lungs. This is one of the main causes of the inflammation (pneumonia). That is why you should know how to get rid of stuffy nose. 


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