Have you ever paid attention to the fact that men lashes are thicker and more curled, I think is not fair, and you? Long and thick eyelashes make your look charming. Unfortunately, the constant use of mascara slows their growth and sometimes even leads to loss. In this article I will describe some ways that help me keep my eyelashes long and thick. So how to make your eyelashes grow?! Here are some ways.Read More →

Uneasy to meet a woman over twenty-five who did not find the eye bags on the face in the morning at least once in her life, even if the evening did not contain any «excesses» in the form of libations. And hardly anyone thought about the seriousness of this issue, as the constant unpleasant effects around the eyes can hint at a variety of diseases. Therefore it is very important to know how to get rid puffy eyes.Read More →