In most cases, dandruff is a harmless cosmetic problem, which affects every 3rd person in the world. Be sure, all people have dandruff, because the scalp is constantly renewing and extracting dead cells in the form of well-known dandruff. Generally, the causes of the trouble are so varied; besides, it affects either men or women. Here is a list of the most common reasons of dandruff: genetic factors or hormones, climate or stress, allergy or diet, excessive or wrong hair hygiene, frequent use of hair products or skin fungus. But the most amazing thing about this condition is that ‘how to get rid of dandruff’ means to start from an appropriate shampoo.

Well, this must be one for a certain type of hair, against dandruff, mild and sensitive, and for dry/oily scalp. But before running to the pharmacy, listen to professional advice of healthcare experts, concerning the whole issue.

How to Get Rid of Dandruff:

4 Easy & Fast Steps

Get Rid Of Dandruff

  • A longer-term path to treat dandruff is identifying the cause, rather than curing the consequences. So, find out the reason of your trouble and avoid that trigger.
  • Either normal or medicated anti-dandruff shampoo usually leads to desired results. If not, your problem is more serious and you need consultation with a doctor. When choosing a shampoo, pay attention to selenium sulfide, zinc and kertyol, 3 key components in fighting the problem. Then use it according to instructions, massaging the shampoo into the scalp and leaving it there for working effectively. The top shampoo for dandruff confirmed by many patients and various medicine studies is Nizoral.
  • As far as dry and oily dandruff differ, washing in the 1st case should be rarer. But both cases require non-overdoing the hair every day with drying too hot and irritating the scalp. Also, avoid any gels, sprays, hair coloring, and so more.
  • If you are tired of chemical shampoos, try some natural resources.

Home Remedies for Dandruff:

Top 10

Home remedies of Dandruff

1. Yogurt & Black pepper Mix 2 teaspoons of black pepper powder with a curd in the cup, then rub this mixture into the scalp and wash in an hour.

2. Olive Oil is probably the most admired treatment of dandruff. Make it lukewarm and apply to the scalp in circular motions. Wash your hair only in the morning.

3. Lemon juice & Coconut oil 1 tbsp. of lemon juice + 5 tbsp. of coconut oil, blended together and applied to the scalp will clear away all possible flakes. Leave this remedy for 20-30 minutes and wash with shampoo.

4. Vinegar is extremely effective, because of potassium and enzymes. Massage apple cider vinegar into your scalp for 5-7 minutes. Another way is to mix a tbsp. of vinegar in a mug of water when washing the hair.

5. Baking Soda can remove dandruff even hiding in hair strands if to add 1 tsp. of it to a shampoo.

6. Aloe Vera gel left on the scalp for 15 minutes fights dandruff and heals the head skin.

7. Eggs can be applied onto the scalp and rinsed off in 1 hour, giving your hair glow and shine.

8. Neem Leaves have antiseptic properties. So, apply neem leaves in paste on your scalp, and you’ll treat lice, dandruff and other eruptions.

9. Onion applied in paste, left for 1 hour and then washed, will assist in getting rid of dandruff too. Lemon juice will remove any smell of onion from your hair.

10. Reetha, or soap nut, is a truly ideal solution here. Make a paste out of a reetha powder and apply for 2 hours, then rinse it off.

So, try all those treatments of how to get rid of dandruff, and have your ‘head & shoulders’ always clear! Forget about flakes and itching once and for all. Choose your own home remedy for dandruff, and use it constantly. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll love those natural home remedies!


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