Acne is the skin problem, which appears because of many reasons. Sometimes it is completely our fault. Acne can be in the form of pimples (when pores are clogged), and inflammation of different severity. The main thing is to begin treatment in time. So we tried to create for you an article that would allow answering all the questions about best way to get rid of acne.

# 1. Forget about remedies for acne, if you only have black dots: They will not help, and harm skin causing bad results. If you have strong desire to go to the mirror and squeeze the comedo, hold back and do not do it more. You will only make you problem bigger.


# 2. Don’t steam skin for further squeezing. Frequent steaming of the skin leads to the fact that the vessels in the skin burst and spider veins appear. Discard the scrubs, which use or crushed stone as abrasives. You mom used to take the scrub with harsh abrasives? Forget about it if you want to have a healthy face. To cope with your problem you need to establish a competent skin care. Special magic is not required, there are well-known principles of care — cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing. It is only necessary to know that for every skin type there are individual recipes, so choose the right face mask that helps to cope with problem plus it will have a positive effect on the removal of inflammation.


# 3. Change your diet, change the products you eat. — Cola and sweet drinks, chips, eating fast food, coffee — all this should ne forgotten or you will not remove pimples. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, various cereals, soy, green tea products should become permanent on your table. It is also good for weight loss and slimming. The water (especially ice water) will cleanse the body and the skin. All photo models whose faces with perfect skin look at us from the screen and glossy magazines, drink a day at least 2-2.5 liters of still water, and they have no acne. Are we worse?

body acne

# 4. Just two words about cigarettes and alcohol in getting rid of acne. Everyone knows that both of these products contain different toxins that are actively violating natural metabolism in women’s bodies. Ask any dermatologist or cosmetologist — they will confirm. And acne is a metabolic disorder. That is why, taking alcohol or inhaling nicotine, you agree to deteriorate your metabolism and, of course, stimulate acne. In this case, no makeup will save you. Therefore, anyone who wants to remove pimples with alcohol and tobacco will not succeed.


# 5. Everyone who wants to get rid of pimples should normalize bowel function. The fact that the skin often shows us the function of the organs is well-known. Drink in the morning as woke up salt water (1 teaspoon salt per pint of water), and in half an hour — a glass of buttermilk. Salt water will collect all the bad in the stomach. Coping with acne does not work in one day, but the effect will be noticeable within a week and a half after daily use.


Let’s sum up what is best way to get rid of acne. First, wash no more than 2-3 times a day, and second, daily drink two liters of water as pimples do not ‘like’ it. Thirdly, do not forget to make a mask for your skin type. The fourth point is nutrition – use more fruits and vegetables to help your stomach and whole body. The fifth point is clean your bowel with the help of salt water. So what do you think now? Do you think it is difficult to remove pimples? It turns out that getting rid of acne is not difficult, but it is easy and even enjoyable. Take care of your body and it will be healthy. You can enjoy the process if taking care about whole body in attempt to cope with the acne.

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